"Cycles" is a monthly publication to announce the New Moon and Full Moon Public Meditation Meetings of The School of Ageless Wisdom in Arlington, Texas, USA. The newsletter includes: An Article by the Tibetan in the Bailey Books, related to the Zodiacal, Astronomical Energies impacting our planet each month; a DISCIPLESHIP article, pertinent to the World Work of Disciples; and an ASTROCHEMISTRY article from the Agni Yoga Series of books.

    "Sharing Light," is an Article or Essay each month written by a student of the Ageless Wisdom. These are viewpoints on "Discipleship" of volunteering, individual co-workers, who are at varying levels of development and Ray equipment. They will naturally differ in depth, significance and, perhaps, accuracy. They will be published with no claim or intention beyond what has been stated here.

To receive Cycles via email, send a request to lovewisdomstaff at gmail.com with "Cycles" in the subject line.
  Cycles, Leo '23

Will of God Meditation


The Great Invocation


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