Can our name be "Robert Muller School?"

Can our name be "Robert Muller School?"

    If you implement the World Core Curriculum, you can call yourselves a Robert Muller School! Usually prefaced by your location -- or suffixed by it, i.e., "The Robert Muller School of San Francisco," or "The San Francisco Robert Muller School." At this time there is no certification for Robert Muller Schools, but if registered with the International Coordinating Center in Arlington, Texas, USA, a School will be immediately counted among the RMS group of Schools. They are all definitely initiators of a new education which will be part of the seed of the future. Ultimately, all cultures and parts of the globe will be involved in this pathbreaking work. Any educators who produce the results depicted here are part of the new world of education. If a group uses the World Core Curriculum, it need not become a Robert Muller School by name unless desired, but will, nevertheless, be part of the worldwide group of schools implementing the Curriculum and can be recognized as such through the Coordinating Center.

    Remember, those of you who start Robert Muller Schools are joining in a global pioneering venture to increase the broadened awareness of children now and of coming generations. These schools are among the first which will bring the world's children to a consciousness which is inclusive in nature. They will emphasize the Unity underlying the evolutionary process, and the Brotherhood of all Humankind. Very little which is underway on our planet is of such vital importance for the future relationships of humankind!

    May the Blessings of the Universe be yours and may success crown your endeavor!

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