Is there any special training necessary?

Is there any special training necessary?

    There have been three-day training sessions in the past, held by the original School. As more schools form, particular schools will be chosen as training centers. In the United States, the Robert Muller School of Fairview has been implementing the Curriculum since 1990, and is located near the original RMS. It is an approved conference center, and began holding conferences in October '97, with members of the original RMS staff participating. Click here for information on the next World Core Curriculum Conference scheduled.

    It was decided that since the original school in Arlington, Texas, USA, could not be generally replicated -- having an unsalaried, all volunteer staff, and no tuition for the students -- it is most suitable for the original Pilot School to play a consultative role, in an advisory capacity for the implementation of the curriculum, and that other aspects which are very necessary can be combined in a later Model. These future Training Schools will meet the same criteria for Robert Muller Schools as the original, but will be replicable in every operational respect.

    Eventually, there may be a Robert Muller School Training Center on each continent. This is the hope and dream. Educators would not then be forced to travel too far to the training sessions. Of course, it should be noted that each one of the new schools implementing the World Core Curriculum is somewhat depended upon to see how the local culture might be adjusted to a greater synthesis and inclusiveness -- through the broadening of academics to fit the World Core Curriculum. This requires imagination and the heart to put aside prejudiced, separative views regarding one's own nation or race, and to become supremely ethical.

    In the meantime, while we watch and wait for the new Centers to appear, the same driving forces which impelled the Pilot School will be important criteria for the new schools. Strong conviction relating to world interdependence and the need for the global perspective is a foregone prerequisite. A teacher must be naturally consistent in the presentation of this world view.

    At the present, other training is only that which is required to become a teacher, with an additional great measure of Spiritual impetus and love for Humanity. Incidentally and practically, there must be also a deep and heartfelt love for children.

    To implement The World Core Curriculum one must be willing to study world problems and The United Nations is a constant source of assistance along that line. The students should be aware as early as possible that the United Nations is the only planetary Entity which brings the leaders of the world governments together to work out solutions to world problems, and to plan for improvements in the overall management of world resources. They also need to know what part their own country plays in the World scene relating to the current world issues. Too few of the world's teachers have a knowledge of The United Nations, its structure, and how its Specialized Agencies affect every human being. When they have this information, they are much better equipped to teach children how they may contribute ideas for the betterment of the world in which we live. The World Core Curriculum, when implemented correctly, will cause a student to have a picture of her/himself as one Cosmic Unit, part of the human species, existing for a limited period of time on the planet Earth, and contributing to the entire planetary scheme. The student will have a clear realization that he/she plays a definite part, however minuscule, in creating or damaging harmonious relationships in this magnificent interdependent system! The Curriculum will provide factual information allowing a child to see that everyone, everywhere, is to be respected as a fellow Cosmic Unit, and that she/he is capable to make a difference which is to the benefit of all by applying individual abilities within the culture where he/she lives.

    The Global Elementary Model United Nations (GEMUN) coordinated annually through The Robert Muller School, in Arlington, Texas, USA, is a Program in which every RMS might participate! There is hope for, and effort underway to provide flight fares for children to come from anywhere in the world to take part in the yearly General Session. If this does not materialize, it will be advantageous to form a Model United Nations for elementary students wherever they may be. The sooner the child can understand the full scope of magnificent possibilities in life, the better prepared he/she will be.

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