How will we be funded?

How will we be funded?

    This is entirely an individual school question. There is no joint funding available. Every School must discover the means to operate. The Pilot School was a totally nonprofit school. The unsalaried staff was dedicated to the idea of the new education and willing to sacrifice to see to its implementation and distribution. Since 1979, this group has persisted in its efforts and the fruits are now being harvested in the world-wide interest in The World Core Curriculum.

    Schools around the world will vary in size and also in the ages of students served. Ideally, the school will begin at birth, with the parents having used the Balanced Beginnings Program prenatally; and will continue through the secondary level. In this structure, the student will move directly into college with no break in the continuity of presented perspective. By that time, there will be an understanding which overrides all false concepts which are still held among much of the general populace of the world -- concepts which have bred separative and prejudiced behavior for most of human history.

    Every new School can consider itself an immediate part of the International Group of Schools, and will be treated as such. The Staff and supporters will be recognized as those who are bringing about a needed and radical change in the consciousness of the world's children -- they are preparing these children for a synthesis and cooperation of which we can only dream today.

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