What are the Requirements?

What are the Requirements?

    The principal requirement to become a Robert Muller School is to implement The World Core Curriculum. This is accomplished by fitting every academic subject into one or more of the following categories, relating the subject directly to the life of the individual student, and simultaneously teaching a perspective which is inclusive of the Whole of Existence:

IOur Planetary Home and Place in the Universe
IIThe Family of Humanity
IIIOur Place in Time
IVThe Miracle of Individual Human Life

    This calls for imagination on the part of the teacher, but nothing which is not already part of life and recognized as such.

    Wherever possible, the information which is given to the student is projected into the broadest possible perspective so that the student gradually realizes that everyone, everywhere (whether they know it or not), is part of the same magnificent adventure of life. The Curriculum was born out of Robert Muller's 40 year experience with the United Nations, and it will be discovered that an understanding of the United Nations, its structure and purposes, will be a most rewarding factor. The U. N. is also a cache of innumerable resources in the implementation of the World Core Curriculum.

    The students are shown human history as a look at our significant progress as a species, and also our collective mistakes, with a view to their own contribution to a more deliberately constructive future than ever before considered.

    The teacher is able to adjust the curriculum to the culture in which it is implemented; this will vary in complexity, but not scope, depending on the complexity of the culture in which it is being used. The scope of the curriculum will always be the same; to allow the student to see himself truly, as an integral part of the Cosmos -- making a difference, however minute that difference may seem. Also seeing all others in the same light, whatever their race, or culture, as making a contribution.

    Until the Curriculum has been implemented far and wide, we will not have enough studied information to suggest a limit to the possibilities. At the moment, it seems the only limitation will be the imagination of the Cosmic-minded and spiritually oriented teaching staff.

    When a School is to be operated, and the desire is for accreditation, the teachers must be certified, and the laws of the particular accrediting body met. This will vary according to the location. The original Pilot School was accredited by the regional accrediting body, and also certified as a United Nations Associated School.

    A School can begin with any age-group of children; however it is hoped that children will be taught the Curriculum from birth and throughout life; the interdependence of all existence will be foundational to their thinking for a lifetime.

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