How to Start a Robert Muller School

How to Start a Robert Muller School

by Gloria Crook,
Founding President of the Robert Muller School

    To grasp the purposes of implementing the World Core Curriculum, the following will suffice to explain its importance and possibilities as an educational Core, quite adequate to meet the needs of a world where populations are migrating from country to country, continent to continent. The World Core Curriculum used worldwide in the future as an educational framework will allow such migrations and international interchanges to take place without the current reestablishing of orientation to new sets of educational values. The scope of the Curriculum, being Cosmic, will not leave any student or educator with a myopic perspective as movement is made across the face of our beloved planet.

    For those educators interested in forming a Robert Muller School, the questions most asked are:

+What are the requirements?
+How will we be funded?
+Is there any special training necessary?
+What is the spiritual significance?
+Can our name be Robert Muller School?

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